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Colors and decorative elements

Color Shades of Aluminium

Opaque Wood Finishes

Clear Wood Finishes

Decorative Elements of the Window Protective Panels – Eco Line Defender


Water based opaque wood finishes are the most common and most effective coatings for protection from weather. A wood coating must repel water but allow for evaporation of water. Additionally, it must be flexible. The coatings protect from UV-light by reflecting a part of it and absorbing the rest, later releasing it in the form of heat. All of our coatings offer a high protection.

The finishes can also be transparent or semi-transparent. Such finishes are mainly used on the interior side, where they are not exposed to weather. Transparent coatings allow us to see the unique texture and color of the wood.

Colors and decorative elements
Colors and decorative elements


Recently, using oils as a protective coating is becoming commonplace. Oil augments the characteristics of the wood and its story by creating a sense of depth that we can not achieve with other finishes. The oil layer needs to be renewed through the years, but fortunately the procedure is very simple.